Zephyr and I completed 2 classes – STEP ONE and STEPS TO A REALLY RELIABLE RECALL – through Paw In Hand. Maren made the training a positive and rewarding experience, so that both Zeph and I looked forward to our weekly trips up to Squamish. I came away with some useful training techniques, and with a better understanding of how to make the entire learning experience fun for both of us. Zephyr’s recall has improved tremendously – on the trail and off – and I feel better knowing I have a few recall tools on hand when needed.
Thanks again Maren.

Rebecca and "Zephyr"

If you ever have a level two course I would love to register again!! I loved the course…Thanks very much, you girls are terrific!! I learned so many new ideas about how to treat my doggie with respect and love.

Sara and "Quito"

When our family adopted a dog there was quite a learning curve for not just the dog but the whole family. Maren was fantastic with us and the girls helping us create a loving home for everyone. Definitely worth it and would do it again.

Bryan, Danielle and "Sookie"

I can't say enough good things about Maren and The Paw in Hand services.  We had only adopted Daisy for a few weeks when we started the Step One training class.  After the first class, I felt so much more confident about how to work with Daisy.  In no time, Maren had taught me so many fantastic skills which in turn helped strengthen the relationship between Daisy and I.  We've been able to transfer the skills into everyday life, and I'm constantly amazed at how well Maren's techniques of positive reinforcement work.  Daisy actually comes when I call her now!  Maren has a wealth of knowledge and is so incredibly generous with sharing both her time and knowledge, I have learnt so much from her.  We can't wait for the next set of classes to start.  In the meantime lucky Daisy hangs out with Maren and company during Doggie Field Trips, and comes home so happy and with tails of great dog-ventures!  Thanks Maren!

Negar  and “Daisy Duke”

Maren helped us get started with being dog owners. She has an incredible talent when it comes to connecting with dogs and isolating their needs. She does a pretty good job with the humans too! We hired her over three years ago and still use many of the things she taught us on a daily basis.

Craig, Courtney and "Bella"

Stella and I would love to learn more about EVERYTHING.  Being involved in the class helps motivate me to work on my skills and Stella relishes all the attention and the opportunity to learn.  Stella and I would be very interested in the NEXT STEP class.

Sandra, Colin and “Stella”

Thank you soooo much… Because of your confidence in her and raising our comfort level ... Sophie is now officially an off leash trail dog!! And we're all loving it!!

Candace, France and “Sophie”

I can already see a huge change in Cayoosh's behaviour. Whenever he gets too excited I get him to sit and play the hand bob game a few times and he calms down. He ran over to the neighbours yard this morning and I was able to get him back with the hand target too!
He loves his practice sessions!

David and "Cayoosh"

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