Case Study: The Challenges of Multiple Dogs of Varying Ages

A recent yelp for help from a senior woman who lives alone with a new puppy, an adolescent poodle and a senior dog… 

Max, the senior dog still needed attention and companionship. Being a large breed, it was important to keep up his mobility and physio exercises too.
Sky, like all puppies, was a busy boy! Having a yard and other dogs to play with (or pester?) helped ease some of the burden of care but he still needed to be socialized and trained! The puppy was not the worry. Donna was up for that job. She’d raised many wonderful canine companions before.The challenge was Layla. Teenage angst stage was manifesting in increased barking and now lunging at dogs and bikes.

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Rescue Dogs: A Yelp for Help!

“Our new rescue dog is biting at the children, guarding food, growls when approached on the couch, lunges on leash at other dogs, runs off when called, jumps the fence and when left lone he tears down window coverings and chews at door frames. We can’t crate him because he will damage his teeth and defecate from anxiety.” 

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Day in the Life: A Perfect Puppy

You would love to get a new puppy.  With a demanding and busy life though, will the dog grow up to be well mannered, well socialized, and well trained?  Can you still get your bike ride in? What do you do during the chaotic after-school time? And, most importantly, does that crazy puppy hour really exist? Help!

Maybe you have asked yourself some, or all, of these questions.  Most people do before getting a puppy.  Have no fear as You, too, can be the perfect puppy parent. To get some ideas, follow along with Petunia the Perfect Puppy (Poodle/Pitbull/Pointer Mix) and her family for a day.  You will learn how to do more than simply survive puppy parenthood.  Petunia and her family will offer examples so you will thrive at being a puppy parent and will raise the (almost) perfect puppy.

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That's my name. Don't wear it out.

How many of you have heard, or said the following phrase, “That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.”
I recall hearing the above phrase in my childhood. I remember thinking how it seemed like an odd saying, however I now refer to it when consulting with dog owners and helping them train their dog – funny how things change. And how a simple saying can mean so much in terms of dog training.

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Choosing the Right Leash for You

What type of leash to use? A dog trainer’s answer is often “It depends…” While there are a few key components to look for, here are my top suggestions before purchasing either your first leash or your next leash. 

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Working on Recall with Your Dog

We’ve all been there – your dog sees a squirrel (or a box of hot pizza just laying on the ground) and all of a sudden their attention span and recall for you goes in one ear and out the other. So if you want your dog to come when called, lets try another method from the one you’ve already been trying. Don't call them when you need them to come - call them when you know they will come.


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Summer Fun: Hot Weather Activities for You & Your Dog

When we took on the job of dog ownership we agreed to all that the job entailed (pun intended). We understand there are times when you are challenged and don’t have quite the time or energy to provide what your dog needs. That's one of the reasons we refer to it as the hot dog days of summer. Thankfully we've put together a few fun, cooling ways to reconnect with your dog during the busy days of summer... enrichment to the rescue!

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What's In A Leash?


You’re grabbing the leash to take your beloved pup out for another relaxing morning walk around the ‘hood...

But your vision of a blissful walk with your canine trotting beside you with a loose leash is shattered once again. Instead, your reality is pull, tug, wrestle, wrangle, frustration, frustration, frustration...stress.

Unfortunately, the solution for many dog owners is to tolerate the pulling as long as it takes until they arrive at the trailhead or dog park and can release the can explode and human can massage shoulder.

There is a better way!!


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3 Steps to Puppy Training

It’s no secret puppies are adorable. They are soft, cuddly and their clumsy play is just too much cuteness! On the flip side, they’re a LOT of work and can be exhausting. They require consistent guidance and constant monitoring.

Puppies are also extremely impressionable, which means their exposure to the external environment in the early months is crucial. It’s important to have a plan to limit your puppy’s exposure to things that distract from learning good behaviour and/or things that may scare him.

Step by step plans are great in theory, however, puppies typically have their own agenda, so the plan needs to be fluid with some serious flexibility.


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Practice Makes Perfect!

When people get a dog, they envision a well-mannered companion with whom they can share their life. Many acknowledge and see value in using positive reinforcement training rather than harsh discipline, but then don’t know how to react when their dog misbehaves. They don’t want to correct their dog and  think ignoring bad behaviour is the only alternative.

Dogs learn new behaviours best when they are only rewarded for correct choices and wrong choices are ignored - corrections hinder the learning process.

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Sink or Swim

If you push a puppy into deep water there’s a 50% chance they would naturally start swimming, but even if they did end up swimming and were okay, there’s a good chance they will avoid the situation again in the future. They may fear going on the dock with you again if they were unsure of your intentions. Or worse, they may end up associating the traumatic event to a completely different stimulus that they noticed such as a child’s floaty toy or a sun hat.


Puppies are very sensitive and impressionable – a puppy pushed into water may end up learning to like swimming, but it may not be worth taking that risk.

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Help! Puppy zoomie hour!

So many new puppy owners are taken by surprise when their little bundle of fur becomes what seems like a different species - Tasmanian devil mix? - for a short period at the same every evening (and sometimes in the morning too).

It's been labelled as zoomie hour, witching hour, acid hour, and other #%$%$ names..... Luckily it usually doesn't even last close to an hour. Luckily you can almost set your watch by it too which means that you can somewhat plan ahead for it.

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