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Dog Care Services

Imagine... romping with your buddies, bounding up and down the hills, zooming down trails, splashing in water holes, racing through open areas and enjoying the best of Sea to Sky country...bliss! Oh wait, this is for your dog!


Small groups of well matched canine companions enjoying outdoor trail adventures together. Hikes are led by a professional trainer so your dog's good behaviour and manners are supported. Your dog is safe under care of a leader that has backcountry experience and canine first aid.

We are strong advocates of good trail etiquette and work hard to create harmony in our canine group so that all can enjoy beautiful Sea to Sky Country! Other trail users often comment on the good behaviour of the dogs that we take out on the trails.

By observing the dogs' body language, social interactions and trail etiquette, our group leaders ensure a safe and happy experience for your dog. Owners are reassured knowing that their dog's training is being reinforced using positive methods and that safety will always be a priortity.

Our Promise:

  • Pick up and drop off from the comfort of your dog's home to the destination of the day.
  • Safe travel in our climate controlled passenger van.
  • Small groups of dogs that are familiiar with each other helps to ensure good canine relations. (6 dogs maximum).
  • 1 – 1 ½ hours off leash activity depending on the terrain and conditions means at least 2 hours out of the house.
  • Morning hikes pickup between 9am to 11am. 
  • Afternoon hikes between 11:30am and 1:30pm.
  • Safety is a priority! We are certified in Canine First Aid.
  • Training and good behaviour is supported using positive reinforcement to ensure a harmonious hike for all.
  • Homemade, natural and organic dog treats served.
  • Permanent ID tags with our phone number in case of emergency.
  • Check for sticks and ticks and hosing off and towel drying if your pooch finds the mud...proof that a good time was had.
  • Return of your contented dog ready for a siesta at home.

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