One on one and fun time

Individual Walks

Individual dogs walks are perfect for owners who want their dog to have that extra personalized care. These walks are ideal for puppies who can't hold their bladder all day and need some recall work, seniors who can't keep up with a fast moving group, and selectively social dogs who just prefer to hang with humans.

We will pick up your dog and either walk them from your home or take them to a fun or quiet location. During our one on one walks we can focus on specific behaviourial homework such as recall, leash pulling, greeting manners and general social skills. 

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the best love and attention while you are out.

30 Minute Walk

This walk is perfect to break up the monotony of your dogs day. We will walk your dog on leash from your home and get them just the right amount of exercise and social time until you come home. 

$27 + gst

One Hour Walk

For dogs who require that little bit extra attention so they don't go crazy or mess the house before you get home. During this walk we can walk from your home and let your doggie sniff and amble or take them on a lively adventure.

$45 + gst


*Regular weekly walks must be booked in advance and prepaid monthly

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