Better behaviour is easier than you think!

Education for Dogs and their Owners

Adolescent? Rescue? New-to-you dog? Old dog learned some new tricks?  Whatever your situation, we’d like to help you live paw in hand with your four-legged family member.

Don’t delay—choose the right service for your situation and start training now for the good dog you’ve always wanted.

Basic Manners: Step One Class

Build a solid foundation of good manners and obedience skills to enjoy your canine companion

Real life learning. Your dog will learn to pay attention to you beyond the classroom. We cover come when called, anti jumping, polite leash walking, sits, downs and more. You’ll learn how to reward without bribing, what to do when your dog doesn’t listen, how to get focus and keep focus and how to deal with distractions.


Private Training: One-on-one Coaching & Day Training

Your dog, your situation and your goals are unique to you and your lifestyle. So are our solutions.

You may need just a little coaching or a bit more. You may prefer to do most of the training yourself or you may not want to even think about doing it, never mind trying to find the necessary time. Either way, we can help. We can guide you along your training plan or we can do the training for you, handing the leash over for you to enjoy your “new” dog. Either way, the results are a new leash on your life together!


Field Trip Training Group

An opportunity to hone your dog's training skills to better enjoy trail, town and family time. 

Open to clients that have worked with us before and are ready for informal coaching in a group situation. Whether your skills are beginner or advanced level, working alongside other dog and handler teams gives opportunities for predictable training scenarios with just the right amount of distraction. A great environment that fosters supportive relationships, helps maintain socialization and where everyone helps each other to succeed! 


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