A little (extra) help for your best friend

Dog training solutions for real lives

Your situation and goals are uniquely yours. You and your dog are unique, too. That’s why we customize training plans for each client—and give you two program choices, too.

What we can help with

Basic Manners

Sit, down, come, stay, walking nicely on leash, leave it, drop it, etc.

Impulse Control

Say please, wait, no jumping, no barking, no chewing of things that don’t belong to you

Behavioural Issues

Barking, leash reactivity, stranger fear or aggression, dog-dog aggression, food or toy guarding, separation anxiety, etc.

Our training uses primarily positive reinforcement, so you can feel great about the results you get. I follow the “LIMA” philosophy—least invasive, minimally aversive. This avoids “corrections” as much as possible and preserves a good relationship. I refer to the “Humane Hierarchy” when deciding what approach to take when working with a dog. Some techniques will be used as a first resort, some are in the bottom of the toolbox and some may never be used at all.


Learn to train your dog your way

Certified dog trainer Maren Bruun will teach you the tricks professional trainers use to get and keep great behavior. She’ll create a training plan using positive techniques, customized to your goals and style, and then meet with you once a week at your home to help you execute.


An initial consult is the starting point. We come to your home and set goals, create your customized training plan and start on a few training exercises. The initial consult lasts 1 1/2 hours and costs $150.00. Program length varies according to client goals, but averages 3-8 sessions (usually hourly/weekly) at $90.00/each.

If you have done a training program with us before and want to brush up on a few skills, a single training session may be scheduled. $105 hour or buy a package of 4 at $90/hr and save $60.

Day Training

Busy? Let us do the training for you

This program is for clients looking for the easy button. There are no magic wands in training—it takes time, repetition, and patience. But it’s sure a lot easier when someone else does the work.

Certified dog trainer Maren Bruun creates a positive training plan to meet your goals, then works with your dog twice each week—you don’t even have to be there (though you’re welcome to watch!). At the end of each week, Maren comes to your home for a transfer training session, where your dog learns to do her new “tricks” for you, too. The program wraps with a follow-up session or two to make sure your dog’s new training sticks.


The 4 week program for $890 includes: 

  • Initial consult to set goals and create your customized plan
  • 2 weekly real life training sessions with your dog ( 6 total)
  • 1 weekly training transfer sessions with you and your dog (3 total)
  • 1 follow-up session with you and your dog
  • SAVE $160

Ready for a dog you can live paw-in-hand with?

Enroll your dog in private coaching or day training today.

Not sure which program is right for you?

Start with an initial consult. You’ll get some great advice, and Maren can help you decide which path to take.

(Should you choose day training, your $150 initial consult fee will be waived as part of the program.)


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