Train your puppy today for a great dog tomorrow

Puppy Training

Good dogs aren't born, they're trained - as puppies

You got a puppy because they’re cute, sure. But mainly to eventually enjoy the companionship of an adult dog. Old dogs can learn new tricks, it’s true, but the key to a great dog starts with puppy training. Positive reinforcement, force free methods that feel good for puppy and owner and work too!

Don’t delay—it’s time to train your great dog right now, while she’s still a puppy.

Puppy’s First Steps Class

Get your pup off on the right paw now so you can live paw-in-hand for years to come.

Your pup will learn foundation manners like come when called, polite leash walking, sits, downs, etc. But she’ll also learn important life skills, like how to make dog friends and impress neighbors, fellow park users, and visitors. In short, how to roll with the punches so you’ll have an adult dog you can proudly take anywhere.

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Puppy Home School

Too busy for class? We’ve got you covered—we’ll do the training for you.

You’re already juggling all sorts of responsibilities and tasks—work, commute, kids, errands, a never-ending to-do list.

You’re looking forward to an adult dog who can be part of the family, but downtime is a precious commodity and you’d rather spend it biking the trails, skiing the slopes or catching up on your reading or with friends.

We understand. Enroll your puppy in Puppy Home School and we’ll train her for you.

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