Train your puppy today for a great dog tomorrow

Private Puppy Home School

How Puppy Home School works (It’s as easy as 1-2-3)

1. We start with an initial consult.

We meet you and your puppy, discuss your training goals (What do you want her to be able to do? To stop doing? Where will you want her to go with you as an adult dog? What will you want her to do and handle?), and forge a customized training plan.

2. We train your puppy.

We train your pup twice a week, working in your home and taking her around town to build her life skills early. She’ll even play with other pups to learn proper social skills. You can watch or simply go about whatever is on your plate—you don’t even have to be there.

3. We transfer your puppy’s learning to you.

Each week we meet with you and your puppy. We teach her to follow her new rules with you, answer any questions you have, and address any new puppy issues that may arise.

What your puppy learns

Basic Manners
Sit, down, come, stay, walking nicely on leash

Impulse Control
Say please, no jumping, no biting, no chewing of things that don’t belong to you

Living In Polite Society
Where to potty—and where not to, polite greetings of new dog and human friends, how to be chill in all kinds of situations

Puppy Home School program details

• Puppies should be 16 weeks or under at date of enrollment
• First vaccinations given by veterinarian minimum of 7 days prior to first training session
• Kept up-to-date on vaccines during training
• Healthy with no signs of illness (ie: diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, undiagnosed skin ailment, parasites, etc.)

4 week program - Plus!

The 4 week program for $890 +gst includes:
• 1 initial consult
• 2 weekly real-life training sessions (6 total)
• 1 weekly transfer training session (3 total)
• 1 complimentary follow-up home checks
Plus! Free enrollment in Puppy's First Steps Class if you'd like to get a little extra training and socialization in!
SAVE $340


2 week add-on program

Extend your peace of mind and support:
$450 +gst includes:
• 2 weekly real-life training sessions (4 total)
• 1 weekly transfer training session (2 total)

Want an adult dog you can live paw-in-hand with?
Enroll your puppy in Puppy Home School today.

Not sure if Puppy Home School is right for you?

Start with an initial consult. You’ll get some great advice and help, and the $150 +gst fee will be waived should you decide to enroll.



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