Puppy training for joy, success and a solid foundation.

Puppy's First Steps Class

Get your pup off on the right paw now so you can live paw-in-hand for years to come.

Open enrolment means you can start as soon as you get your puppy.

An in-home visit is arranged before class to help you set puppy up for success at home too.

In Puppy's First Steps Class we teach you and your puppy:


Guide appropriate interactions with other puppies and social adult dogs. Prevent fear and aggression by exposure to safe, real world experiences.

Problem Behaviour

Solutions for biting, chewing, barking, jumping up, house soiling, and more. Fear and aggression prevention.


Get a head start on obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come and walking nicely on leash.


Prepare for real life situations such as visitors, dinnertime, and meeting people and dogs on outings.

Impulse Control

How to be chill in all kinds of situations: greetings dog and human friends, resisting the urge to leap on counters and lunge out open doors, looking before leaping, and the like.


Prepare your puppy to be an adult dog who is comfortable at the vet’s and the groomer’s and who you can handle with ease, too.

Our programs include an Operation Socialization Puppy Passport – Your guide to raising a friendly, adaptable, and easy-to-train family dog. You also get a list of local businesses that welcome your puppy for socialization outings.

Upgrade your pups learning! If you find yourself needing extra help with your puppy, we offer private training sessions at a discounted rate to current students.


Contact us to discuss the best options for you and your puppy.

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